AVG 2011 Tutorial - How to install AVG 2011 | AVG Internet Security

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AVG 2011 Tutorial - How to install AVG 2011 | AVG Internet Security
This AVG tutorial explains how to install AVG 2011 for new customers. Find another helpful information in AVG's FAQ section at http://www.avg.com/faq?cmpid=seo_yt Download your very own copy of AVG 2011 at: http://www.avg.com?cmpid=seo_yt To install AVG 2012 on your computer: Go to the AVG download page for the latest installation file. - Click the name of the AVG edition you have purchased. - Click the orange Download button. - If you are asked, please save the file to your computer. We recommend you to save the file on your Desktop. Double-click the downloaded AVG installation file on your Desktop. Follow the installation wizard. When prompted, use the copy&paste method to enter your AVG License Number. You can find more detailed installation instructions (including screenshots) in the AVG Installation Guide - http://www.avg.com/installation-guide?cmpid=seo_yt AVG 2012 should now be successfully installed and protecting your computer. This video also belongs to the following categories: avg, avg 2011, avg 2012, avg internet security, avg antivirus, avg free antivirus, installation, installatin guide, how to install avg, free antivirus, free antivirus download, free virus protection, best free antivirus, free internet security, free antivirus software, antivirus free download, free virus removal, free virus scan, free security software, online virus scan, free malware, free anti spyware
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