Sopcast on PS3

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Sopcast on PS3
Hi today i will show you how to stream sopcast from your PC to your ps3. Download this http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0HN7SGSO Sopcast Stream Tutorial 1.Download Files in link description once downloaded Extract all contents in rar file to place easy to remember preferbally desktop and install tversity, vlc and sopcast I installed the files before hand to make process faster. 2. Open TVersity, and click the plus sign in the upper right corner. Add "mms:// " as a video url 3. Once installed, open sopcast and select a channel. Wait for it to finish buffering. 4. Run "Start VLC for PS3.bat" . It will simply open vlc and tell it to start streaming sopcast to your ps3 5. Go to your PS3 and make sure media server is enabled. Go to videos and select TVersity then internet, rss podcast or internet video then you should see the name off the file you named in tversity 6. You have succesfully streamed Sopcast to your PS3 If you have any problems contact me i will reply to you asap Also when changing channels in sopcast remember to restart sharing service in tversity so channel changes on ps3. You may need to change the drive letter in the bat if C is not the letter of your main drive
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