FFIX - General Beatrix, First fight

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FFIX - General Beatrix, First fight
I'm doing this for LightEffexor... and for my personnal fun. Going to beat all the bosses of the game (although it'll take time before I even try to beat Hades and Ozma) Beatrix, proof that I'm a bit better than my very first playtrhough (5 years ago): I was a noob at giving my characters the right equipment, and ended up letting Beatrix one-hit-kill every member of my team every time. God, I remember Quina still had ZERO magic def Like Gizamaluke, I dind't bring Quina with me. Quina is optional until you are forced to go to Qu's march (to get to fossil roo) Anyways, contrary to popular beleif, you do NOT even have to hurt beatrix to end this battle. Once, I got defeated without me laying a finger on her. You just have to survive a couple of turns. Party: Zidane: Level 11 Vivi: Level 10 Freya: Level 11
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