Haye vs Chisora Fight Video from Munich Presser - Full video

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Haye vs Chisora Fight Video from Munich Presser - Full video
By: https://twitter.com/britishboxers - http://www.britishboxers.co.uk NEW!! SAME VIDEO! BETTER QUALITY AND SOUND CLICK HERE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So0MX4JdMs8&feature=watch_response - were at the Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora fight in Munich Germany, but didnt expect to see Haye vs Chisora fight after the main event! - Chisora confronts Haye, who then appears to strike Chisora, the pair get into a brawl and fall to the floor. - Haye then gets into a fist fight Don Charles, Chisoras coach and they trade heavy blows. - Haye pickes up a camera tripod and launches it at Charles. The tripod strikes Hayes own coach Adam Booth, which likely caused the cut to his head. - Peace was eventually brought to this charade, which incidently was not a great advert for British Boxing. - But a fight between Haye and Chisora has suddenly become the one people will want to see, hopefully in the ring though. - Although Chisora promised to shoot Haye and burn him, settling their differences in the ring, will hopefully be the option they take. (sorry about the bad sound quality) - The full press conference was filmed and will be available soon. British Boxers support http://www.jinacklodge.com - For the perfect desert island holiday, while helping to create sustainable living in Africa.
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