Final Fantasy IX Solo Character Challenge Quina: Ozma

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Final Fantasy IX Solo Character Challenge Quina: Ozma
I didn't feel like posting the equipment but here I go: Weapon: Gastro Fork Hat: Circlet Wrist: Dragon Wrist Robe: Robe of Lords Accesory: Pumice Piece This is last boss battle is this challenge and also considered as the hardest battle in the game. Many gamers are claiming that Ozma is hardest boss in the history of Final Fantasy. On the one hand the ball some of the strongest spells in the game like Doomsday, Curse and Meteor (I heard Ozma uses a different Meteor than our Vivi does), on the other hand he manages to attack twice in a turn, mostly using two Curaga spells in a row healing about 16000HP. If those people can't defeat Ozma, how can single Q defeat this Über beast??? Ozma opens the battle with the strongest spell in the game. (You can recognize it, because he circulates like a ball). Yes, he casts Doomsday. But, thanks to Pumice Piece Quina absorbs all the damage and also Ozma does. Yes, you're right. I didn't finish the Friendly creature Side Quest concerning lack of time (They didn't appear after after 15 minutes of searching) and... it was also interesting to fight Ozma without this quest. After Doomsday Ozma immediately casts Curse, which inflicts various status ailments and big damage. Most of them can be prevented though the right abilities, but Blind and Mini can't be annulled. Since Frog Drop does fixed damage and never misses its target, there's no need to heal it. Curse is also physically and the damage can be halved by being in the back row. If Quina is already in the Mini status and Ozma uses another curse, the Mini status will be cured ^__^. Quina has the ability Auto-Reflect applied. It throws almost every spell Ozma used back to him. That's the reason Ozma didn't use holy or falre in this battle because it would damage him even more than me. But the real reason I applied Auto-Reflect is to prevent the Berserk status. I would lose the control of Quina and so the battle. Ozma uses Berserk as a counter to magic attacks when his Hp drop below 40000HP. Curaga is the Ozma's most annoying spell. He casts it always, when his Hp drop below the half or as a counter to all attacks Quina uses on him. He can heal about 18000HP every turn, if he wants. So I have to rely on luck, whether he uses it or not. Another nasty spell is Flare, which inflicts damage equal to Quina's level multiplied by 50. It is even stronger thn Trance Kuja's Flarestar, which inflicts damage equal to level*35. But again and again, thanks to Auto-Regen, Quina's could regenerate ll of his HP in all few seconds. And then he cast Meteor. Meteor does damage form 110-14300 and ignores magic defense like Twister. I got very, very big luck since it did only 800 points of damage to Quina and he has cast it only once in this battle. I know, I'm a lucky guy. Yeah, this was it. What I would have never imagined is that I needed only two attempts to defeat him(I had to fight him a second time because of my stupid recording program). I call this luck. I have to say that Necron was a bigger challenge than this Pokeball. Overall, this wasn't a very hard challenge but also not a easy one. This challenge is not finished yet. I have one video left, which you will see tomorrow.
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